Flamenco on Fire 2017

Flamenco On Fire presents is fourth edition following the great success of the previous years. Flamenco will travel north again from August 22-27 to transform the city of Pamplona into a showcase of the best artists within the current flamenco scene. The capital of Navarra will offer its delightful cultural, musical, culinary, artistic and leisure proposals and it will become again the meeting point for great artists and fans.

The Festival keeps an eye out for the latest developments and the fusion with other music styles without neglecting the purest flamenco in all its dimensions: singing, playing and dancing. Moreover, the Festival will also focus on new talented artists and whiz kids.

The main Baluarte’s auditorium will host five grand shows and the Sala Zentral will host a big concert. All of these performances will showcase a very exclusive offer where quality and creative risk take precedence. Also, the Hotel Tres Reyes will host a “tablao” which will include a Night Series with six top level performances.

See you in Pamplona!

Camarón de la Isla

Year after year, the Festival remembers Maestro Sabicas with the goal of praising his memory and leading figure as a flamenco genius and endorsing the roots of this art settled in Pamplona. This edition will also pay tribute to the 25th anniversary of the death of Camaron de La Isla, with several performances in his honor and also in honor of Leonard Cohen who loved and valued flamenco as much as this land, and for his overall contribution to music.

Discurso del Premio Príncipe Astúrias 2011
impartido por Leonard Cohen.


Flamenco en los Balcones

Flamenco On Fire has added free of charge, outdoors activities developed at several emblematic spots of the city every day during the Festival. The series ‘Flamenco en Los Balcones’ once again will invade the streets of Pamplona. Every morning there will be three singing and guitar playing shows at the balconies of Calle Mañueta, the City Council and the Hotel La Perla.


Pincho de Sabicas 2017

The Navarra Hotel Industry Association will also once again work with the Festival to offer the Gastronomic Route ‘El Pincho De Sabicas’. With larger enticement every year, 30 establishments will offer “pinchos” inspired by Maestro Sabicas, with a variety of juicy proposals to taste.

IV Jornadas de arte Flamenco

Flamenco On Fire will count on the assistance of the Federation of Roma Associations of Navarra Gaz Kaló to present the IV Pamplona Flamenco Art Days, aimed at granting value to the figure of Maestro Sabicas. Also, this year the Festival will honor Camaron de la Isla with several activities. There will be master classes, workshops, conferences, round tables and documentaries.

Diseñador Mikel Urmeneta

This year, Flamenco On Fire will feature a new image lead by Mikel Urmeneta, a successful and experienced artist and multidisciplinary idea man. Founder of the firm Kukuxumusu (where he no longer Works), and more recently Katuki Saguyaki (brand for which he is the artistic director), Mikel was chosen as Universal Basque Citizen in 2009 and listed among the 100 most creative persons in the World by Forbes magazine.