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Lo que quiere el alma

Friday, August 2910:00 p.m.
Sabicas Stage

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Niña Pastori was born María Rosa García García on January 15, 1978, in San Fernando, a city in the province of Cádiz, Spain. She began her career at a young age performing with her mother -a successful flamenco singer, ‘La Pastori’- in her hometown.

At the age of eight Pastori was ready to follow her mother’s footsteps in cante [flamenco singing]. At 12, the maestro Camarón de la Isla introduced Niña Pastori at the theater Andalucía in Cadiz. The maestro was captivated by Pastori’s singing and asked her to sing with him right in the middle of a show.

Later, Pastori moved to Madrid where she met singers Alejandro Sanz and Paco Ortega. They immediately recognised her art and supported her career. Her first recording Eres Luz, released in 1998 under the Sony Music label, became a smash hit turning her into a star in the Spanish music market.

After her first hits, Pastori released ‘No hay quinto malo’ in 2004. The record was a major turning point in her career. Climbing straight to #1 on the Billboard charts, it was a more mature and accomplished work for her.

Beloved by the public and praised by the critics, the cantaora has been lauded with the most prestigious awards: two Amigo Prizes – for best flamenco album with ‘Eres Luz’ (1998) and ‘María’ (2002); and two Latin Grammy Awards for Best Flamenco Album, ‘Esperando verte’ (2009) and ‘La Orilla de mi pelo’ (2011).

In her latest work, ‘Raíz’ (2014), Niña Pastori joins Lila Downs and Soledad to present music from Spain, Argentina and Mexico. It is a recording that will transcend boundaries with its purity and truth: full of soul and duende.