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Habichuela en rama

Saturday, August 307:30 p.m.
Flamenco On Fire Stage

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Pepe Habichuela is the grandson of flamenco dynasty founder ‘Habichuela el Viejo’ and son of guitarist José Carmona. He was born in Granada in 1944. He learned how to play the guitar listening to maestro Sabicas and Mario Escudero and started performing at the renowned Madrid tablao [flamenco tavern], Torres Bermejas, in his twenties. At such a young age he accompanied the best flamenco artists of the time, such as Juanito Valderrama or Camarón de la Isla.

He formerly played for Enrique Morente, becoming the perfect accompaniment for Morente’s modern approach to flamenco in recordings like ‘Homenaje a D. Antonio Chacón’ or ‘Despegando’.

His artistry has been inherited by his children through Ketama – a flamenco-pop band- and has influenced a wide range of guitarists, such as Raimundo Amador and José Soto, to name but a few.


Jose Miguel Carmona (Josemi Carmona) was born in 1971 to the former guitarist Pepe Habichuela and bailaora [dancer] Amparo Bengala. He played guitar from the age of four and began his professional career accompanying his father on the world tour ‘Flamenco Puro’.

A guitarist and songwriter, Josemi Carmona joined cantaor Pepe Luis Carmona and guitarist Juan José Suárez, ‘Paquete’, to form the flamenco pop group ‘La Barbería del Sur’ in Madrid. He left the group in 1990 to join Ketama – a band started in the eighties by guitarists José Soto, ‘Sorderita’, and Juan Carmona, ‘El Camborio’. Since then, Carmona has split time working as a guitarist for Ketama with flamenco accompaniment (until the band’s dissolution in 2004), and with production work, notably for Niña Pastori.