29 august | 12:30 h | Palacio Ezpeleta


"Flamenco para niños"

Francisco José Suárez, “El Torombo” (Seville, 1968) started to dance when he was 7 and took his name, which means “storm”, from his maestro mentor Farruco.  During his career he has worked side by side with figures such as Juana Amaya, Belén Maya, Farruquito, Manuela Carrasco, La Susi, Tomatito or Potito. In Seville he leasds the Project “Fuera de serie” (Outstanding), aimed at teaching young talents while keeping social integration as a goal, developing workshops in prisons, educational centers and developing awareness campaigns in poor neighborhoods.

At Flamenco on Fire he will offer an educational workshop for children in which he will use riddles, word games, metaphors and sayings to share knowledge about flamenco in particular and life in general.

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