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Carmen Linares, Arcángel y Marina Heredia


Carmen Linares, Arcángel and Marina Heredia

24 august 21:00h Baluarte - Stage \Flamenco on Fire\

"Tempo de Luz"

Carmen Linares’ voice, full of musical dynamics and melodies, together with her very personal and versatile style allows her to show the endless possibilities of the flamenco art. Her constant quest for new forms of expression, with deep knowledge and a vast repertoire, has lead into an enriching art, able to combine “cante jondo” with camera music ensembles and symphonic orchestras.

Arcángel is considered one of the leading figures of today’s flamenco and an artist that has a great personality and creativity that he has absorbed from his environment since he was born.

Apart from being a substantial singer, he is also a composer and a developer of the style, whose way to understand flamenco gets along with his profound knowledge of and respect for the most ancient flamenco and with his interest to find new ways to develop this art.

Marina Heredia is sweetness and sadness, good taste and shade, music without genres or labels. She is exquisite depth, past and future, extreme modernity and magnificent present. Her beauty from el Albaicin, her resemblance to a mocking child and, at the same time, to a sensible woman, accompany her distinctive voice when she throws her heartbreaking echoes. Tarantos or rumbas, songs or tangos, what she plays inhabits in the dark corner of the beauty that only a few can reach.

These three artists are rallied around by the delightful guitars of Miguel Ángel Cortés and El Bola, together with the percussion of Paquito González. Their bright repertoire of flamenco is a masterful show ranging from old flamenco to cutting-edge proposals.