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Sonakai Dúo


“Sonakay”. Yoni Camacho and David Escudero

22 august 13:30h - Balcony of the Hotel La Perla

Yoni Camacho and David Escudero belong to the well-known musical ensemble ‘Sonakay’, a group that specializes in mixing musical culture of gypsy and Basque roots.  They consider themselves as being heirs to the popular Basque singer-songwriters Benito Lertxundi or Mikel Laboa, as well as to flamenco figures like Camarón or Paco de Lucía. 

They obtained national recognition thanks to their participation at the TV show ‘Got Talent’ of Tele 5.  One of their most successful songs is a flamenco versión of the ‘Txoria Txori’ (Basque popular song), recorded in 2016. 

Yoni Camacho, Singer born in San Sebastián, has accompanies may flamenco ensembles, even sharing the stage with big names as Estrella Morente, Antonio Carmona or Kiki Morente. Nowadays, with ‘Sonakay’ he truly enjoys the link between his two cultures:  the Basque and the Gypsy.

David Escudero, gypsy guitarist by birth, has been performing since he was 13 and he represents flamenco in all its aspects.   Besides, he is deeply fond of fusion and loves to mix different musical styles and to use ethnic instruments.   Thus, he usually participates at the intercultural workshops of Urgull.