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Sara Baras


Sara Baras

20 august 21:00h - Baluarte


After its first release two years ago and a tour around the most renowned stages worldwide drawing on passion and feeling, ‘Sombras’ has been enhanced by the audience´s mark.

The show emerges from the huge shadow of the ¨farruca¨ that has accompanied Sara holding hands, growing with every step of the way and at times mixing the screening and the show.

This event is a lively concept that evolves continuously.  Its director and choreographer, Sara Baras has provided it with new views in its creative aspects.

Each moment of the show is created from experiences, life lessons and, most of all, the truth.  This is what mostly makes Sara Baras dance a unique and unforgettable experience.

In Flamenco On Fire, the artist from Cadiz who is considered a palindrome of art and perfection, will showcase an exclusive and one-in-a-lifetime version of ‘Sombras’ full of nods to the Festival and to the city in which she feels like at home.