Rycardo Moreno y Ané Carrasco

27 august | 20:00 h | Palacio Ezpeleta

Rycardo Moreno and Ané Carrasco

Guitarist, composer, producer, and arranger, Rycardo Moreno (Seville, 1981) was mentored by Gerardo Nuñez, who helped him launch his solo career. After publishing the albums “Varekai” and “Agaleano”, the latter a tribute to the writer Eduardo Galeano, he has participated in El Lebrijano’s album “Cuando el lebrijano canta, se moja el agua” (When the Lebrijano sings, the water gets wet) and has collaborated with Jorge Pardo in the works “Historias de Rahda y Krishna” (Stories of Rahda and Krishna ) and“ Djinn”. In 2018 he participated in the record of Arcángel “Al este del cante” (To the East of Cante) which won a Latin Grammy. In 2019 he made the preview of his latest work, “Mi Esencia” (My Essence), which came to light in 2020, and was commissioned with the official opening of the Seville Biennial, in which he premiered a guitar recital with the name “De Barro” (Made of Mud).

Born into one of the most prominent families in flamenco music, Ané Carrasco is a versatile multi-instrumentalist musician who develops his new role as a producer of a new style of urban music alongside the youngest values ​​of the Jerez flamenco flow. Her father, Diego Carrasco, made sure that Ané progressively evolved as a musician, either learning to accompany cante on guitar with “Moraito Chico” or on drums and cajon accompanying Tomasito. In his teens, Ané began to be one of the most sought-after percussionists in flamenco. Little by little he immersed himself in other styles of music, such as Marcus Miller’s groove, Pat Metheny’s soft jazz lines, and of course some of the local visionaries: Ketama, Pata Negra, and Lola Flores.

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