travels north

Rocio Molina


Rocío Molina

24 august 21:00h - Baluarte

"As luck would have her"

This work is a trip downhill.  We witness a woman´s journey, led by her dance, with intuition and substance and through lights and shadows.   And with her we fall into the silence, the music and the noise in unknown territories.  In front of us she puts what can be touched and what, while usually hidden from our eyes, if brought to life by Rocio´s body.    When she dances, she creates a different relationship with the earth and you can feel that her dance comes from deep inside her and from the soil she kicks.  Her dance is a celebration for being a woman.

This downhill trip is a no way-back journey of a woman, but Rocio does not take us to a reverse image of the Fallen Angel, similar to what happened to Dante´s Comedy, but takes us to a deep feeling of freedom.  In short, this show is a trip, a journey, a transit of a woman´s body in balance to a body that celebrates being a woman, absorbed in the tragic sense of the celebration.