26 august | 20:30 h | Zentral Stage

Rául Cantizano et Los Voluble

"Zona acordonada"

That flamenco and electronic music can go hand in hand in these times where loops, samples and distortions allow for new sounds is demonstrated by proposals such as those of Los Voluble and Raúl Cantizano.

The former, inspired by the ‘Free party is not a crime’ movement, delved into their personal ‘Flamenco is not a crime’. Eclectic and danceable sessions where they use all kinds of materials, audiovisual and sound, to create a whole show. Rhythms, pre-recorded voices, lights and everything necessary to bring back the jondo music with an aesthetic of this time. Also, of course, deeply experimental.

Raúl Cantizano, in the same vein, focuses on the guitar, which in this Zona acordonada, as the project is called, reflects on freedom and its limits, challenges and realities of this society and new possibilities and methodologies when it comes to making live music. Thus, for example, a taranta is discovered, which seems traditional until it evolves between strings and screens from the most diverse prisms.

Cristian de Moret 

´Cristian de Moret en concierto´

From Camarón de la Isla to Pearl Jam, this musician from Huelva has taken a host of references to come up with a sound that is radically his own: a meeting of cante with rock, blues, jazz, funk and electronica. Cristian de Moret, with the album ‘Supernova’ on the market and collaborations with Kiko Veneno, Jorge Pardo, Rocío Márquez and Antílopez, among other artists, is one of the latest additions to avant-garde flamenco. A broken voice and electric guitar to make something different out of the old. In Pamplona, with his show “En concierto”, he presents us with a collision of worlds between lyrics that generate Andalusian customs that fit into electronic, rock and funk musical landscapes.