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Rancapino Chico


Rancapino Chico

20 august 23:30h Night’s Cycle - Hotel 3 Reyes

"For my love to art"

Rancapino Chico is one of the singers of this generation.  The grand Maestros of the “cante jondo” have deposited in him the purity of their inheritance and the keys to preserve the roots of flamenco.

He was born in Cichlana de la Frontera to Maestro Alonso Núñez Núñez ‘Rancapino’.  And, he presents in Flamenco On Fire ‘Por mi amor al arte’(For my love to art).  This is a show that playacts and reproduces a new version of his latest album: a live recording to which he invited a great group of artists.  Also, between alegrías, fandangos, seguiriyas, bulerías, soleares, tangos, and one zambra, Rancapino Chico will invite the audience to participate in the show.