24 august | 22:30 h | Palace of Navarra

Rafael Riqueni

Rafael Riqueni’s sonanta, above all, counts. He puts music before technique and creates, if necessary, new chords to convey the message. His discourse is a display of emotion that escapes from the staves. The soul unfolded in tremolos. Parpeos and fountains, sounds of rocks with invented textures, and streets that pass through a memory forever shared.

This flamenco from Triana went to classical music to drink. And between the falsetas of Niño Ricardo and the beauty of Isaac Albéniz he found his just measure. He is one of the most important guitarists of recent decades. His work, a Guadiana of comings and goings without superfluous adornments, harbours a legacy that in albums like ‘Juego de niños’, ‘Alcázar de Cristal’, ‘Maestros’, ‘Parque de María Luisa’ and his most recent ‘Herencia’, boasts creativity. Pure musical eloquence whose precociousness made him rub shoulders with the best from the beginning: from Martirio to Morente via Isabel Pantoja and a long etcetera.

A splurge of intimacy is promised in the night: Old fragrances of summers that have not gone away, flowers and effluvia of wounds that never try to hide.