Pepe Habichuela, Kiki Morente y Bandolero

20 august | 21:00 h | Gardens of the los llanos cultural space

Pepe Habichuela y Kiki Morente

"Habichuela - Morente"

Pepe Habichuela (1944)

Gold Medal to the Fine Arts (2018)

José Antonio Carmona Carmona, grandson of ‘Habichuela el Viejo’, child of ‘Tío José Habichuela’, brother of Juan, Luis and Carlos Habichuela, and father of Josemi Carmona.  He started on the guitar with Vicente Escudero and maestro Sabicas, of whom he was a great friend and musical collaborator. Throughout his career, he has accompanied great figures such as Juanito Valderrama, Pepe Marchena, Camarón or Enrique Morente, with whom he formed a fundamental duo for the history of flamenco. The albums they recorded together: ‘Despegando’, ‘Homenaje a Don Antonio Chacón’ and ‘Negra, si tú supieras’ are considered as three essentials in the flamenco discography of recent years.

Kiki Morente (1989)

Singer and composer, son of Maestro Enrique Morente, he began his career as a child, accompanying his father in singing.  He has always stood out for his stage maturity and premature wisdom. Kiki naturally follows in his father’s footsteps but has chosen his own path. In addition to an immense vocal power, he has inherited the ability and intuition to update the genre without giving up his origins, pure flamenco. He released his first solo album in 2014 (Albaycín), and he is going to release his second album at the end of 2021, in an advanced project that merges the most flamenco singing with electronic music.

Two fundamental dynasties of the history of flamenco, belonging to two families united by a shared past, by time and respect that meet again on stage in an intimate format, accompanied by the percussion of Bandolero.

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