Pastora Galván

7 august | 21:00 h | Ruins of San Pedro

Pastora Galván

"Pastora dances"

Daughter of José Galván, Pastora (Seville, 1980) carries dance in her blood. From her family heritage and the influence of her brother Israel Galván, an artist who brings flamenco dance to the forefront, she has taken a path of her own that has led her to be one of the most prestigious dancers of today. After studying Spanish Dance at the Seville Conservatory, she traveled to the United States with the San Francisco Flamenco Theater Company. She has taken dance to the main Spanish theaters and “tablaos”, as well as to numerous cities in Europe, Japan, the United States and the Middle East, and to festivals such as the Bienal de Flamenco, Mont-de-Marsans, the Festival de Jerez, Montpellier Dance or the Nîmes Flamenco Festival, among others.

Under the title of “Pastora Baila” (Pastora dances), F on Fire will live a minimalist and deep show, in which Pastora drinks from deep flamenco sources to show it in all its richness, going back to the past to show her dance in her own purest expression.

Jesús Carbonell 

´Blacksmith’s guitar´

After winning the guitar competitions in the city of Logroño in 1998 and in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) a year later, Jesús Carbonell Jiménez has built a career in which he has stood out as one of the leading flamenco guitarists of today. Founder of the Siroco group and collaborator of artists such as Diego “El Morao”, Jorge Pardo or the dancer Frankie García “El Caramelo”, in Guitarra del herrero (Blacksmith’s guitar) he takes on a solo work in which he explores the music of his life from the flamenco perspective.

In F On Fire he will present his project Guitarra del Herrero (Blacksmith’s guitar), inspired by its origins and the cultural tradition of flamenco. A journey that starts from the purest part to evolve to a more current language without losing its essence. A celebration of flamenco as a way of life, a language that is transmitted from generation to generation and that remains in cultural memory.

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