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Paquete y Ramón el Portugués


Paquete. Guest star: Ramón ‘El Portugués’

23 august 12:45h Flamenco en los Balcones - Balcony of the city Council

Juan José Suárez ‘Paquete’, is a guitar player descendant of the renowned saga ‘Los Porrina’, and he is also a successful producer who has won two Grammy awards.  Together with Enrique Heredia ‘El Negri’, he was part of the successful and never to be forgotten new flamenco band ‘La Barbería del Sur’. 

‘Mr. Pakett’ is his great solo work.  This work is considered to be a turning point that established a new, modern concept of guitar playing, traveling from the most orthodox flamenco to the most original jazz.  Paquete is nowadays one of the creative models of the current musical scenario.

Ramón Suárez Salazar, also known as Ramón ‘El Portugués’, is the nephew of the legendary Porrina de Badajoz and  proud heir to the ‘Los Porrina’ dinasty.   He specializes in songs from Extremadura but his knowledge includes all the styles, present and future.

The Maestro is live history of the flamenco art.    He first performed when he was just 12, when he worked at iconic tablaos such as ‘Las Cuevas de Nemesio’, ‘Torres Bermeja’, ‘Los Canasteros’ and ‘Café de Chinitas’.   During his career he has shared stages and life experciences with great legends as Camarón de la Isla, Pansequito, El Turronero, Mario Maya and El Güito.

It is a great honor for Flamenco On Fire, to be able to count on the participation of one of the essential figures of the flamenco singing.  Having the opportunity of enjoying his wisdom and art is a gift that not everyone can afford.  This is one of the most special balcony shows of this edition where father as special guest singing and son guitar playing will captivate the audience with their undeniable talent and will dazzle us with the shining of their music.