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Paloma Fantova


Paloma Fantova

25 august 23:30h Night’s Cycle - Hotel 3 Reyes

"Mi Verdad"

After being a gifted child, Paloma Fontova has become an impassioned reality.  She presents a performance that stands up for orthodox, deeply rooted flamenco.  Dance and singing from the guts to the heart, take us to an episode of nostalgia and melancholy that transport us to the golden times of flamenco.

‘Mi Verdad’ (My Truth) is the result of a whole life devoted to perform.  The dancer from Cadiz deploys all her rage, strength and passion on stage.   With a flawless control of her feet, and amasterful power over rhythm reserved only to a few privileged ones, Paloma is surrounded by her family that wraps her up with their virtuosity and helps her take a journey to unknown locations in the search for her own dreams.