28 august | 19:30 h | Ciudadela SXXI Stage

Niño de Elche

"Anthology of heterodox flamenco singing"

Francisco Contreras Molina (Elche, 1985) is undoubtedly one of the most important innovators of modern flamenco. With a disruptive perspective, away from strict definitions, he has evolved from its beginning as a pure cantaor to a unique style, forged from influences from jazz, rap, pop, electronic music, or Latin rhythms, in which the form and the roots come together to create artistic projects that go beyond music. From playing Miguel Hernández to collaborating with Los Voluble, creating sound installations in homage to Val del Omar, exploring Colombian music or exploring the fusion of rock and flamenco with Toundra, the untamable and adventurous character of Niño de Elche is a sample of how to start from tradition and travel to reach unexpected places.

Double concert tickets: Niño de Elche and Frank Maza