Miguel Poveda

26 august | 21:30 h | Teatro Gaztambide

Miguel Poveda

"En Concierto (In concert)"

The voice of Miguel Poveda (Barcelona, 1973) is one of the most renowned and prominent of flamenco in the latest three decades.  He was awarded the Music National Award in 2007 and the Catalonia National Culture award in 2011 and is known to have built his career on the grounds of determination and effort.  Flamenco enthusiast like few, he has displayed a level of freedom and versatility that has allowed him to move between genres with naturality and mastery.  His collaborations with artists such as Chavela Varga, Paco de Lucia, Carmen Linares, Maria Dolores Pradera or Juan Manuel Serrat are proof of this feature as well as his wide back catalog in which he has limitlessly explored the flamenco art.

At Flamenco on Fire 2020 he features the show “Miguel Poveda – En Concierto” (Miguel Poveda – In Concert), a trip that sets off from flamenco roots to deploy the musical diversity of the cantaor.  From flamenco to poetry, Andalusian songs of his own most recent themes we are in front of an emotional and passional journey through genres that he has performed during all his career.

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