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Marta Robles y Ekaterina Zaytseva

Marta Robles and Ekaterina Záytseva

25 august 12:00h Flamenco en los Balcones - Balcón Calle La Mañueta

Dúo del Mar is a new project that brings together two emerging starts of the current musical scene: classic guitar player Ekaterina Záytseva, and Marta Robles, one of the few female solo players in the world of flamenco guitar.

The concert player Ekaterina Záytseva was born in Geneva and she studied in Moscow and The Hague.   Currently she resides in Barcelona.  She has received several awards at International pageants and is considered one of the most outstanding talents of her generation.  Her flawless versions of classic guitar repertoire have been unanimously praised by audiences and critics. 

The composer and arranger Marta Robles, is truly versatile; besides playing flamenco and classic guitar, she is also author of several works of different styles and scopes.  She was nominated to a Latin Grammy and is a member of the popular female quartet ‘Las Migas’, for which she is the main composer.  Also, she has participated in many successful projects as solo guitar player.

Dúo del Mar, in constant search for new influences, mixes pure flamenco elements and classic music, entwining rhythms and harmonies to show all the expressivity possibilities of the Spanish guitar. 

Sabicas used to perfectly bring together the technic of the flamenco guitar and the classic guitar in his compositions, which makes him a figure of great interest to the duet and a very inspiring figure.   Marta and Ekaterina weave with superior quality a recital based in Sabica’s work.  And, there is not a better place to host the recital of this duet than the balcony of the street where he was born.