María Toledo

27 august | 20:30 h | Gallarre theater

María Toledo

"Ranchera Flamenca"

Who hasn’t listened to classics by José Alfredo Jiménez, Juan Gabriel or Rocío Dúrcal? María Toledo (1983), the first woman in flamenco to accompany herself on the piano, covers a well-known repertoire incorporating the rhythm of different palos: sevillanas, seguirillas, rumbas, bulerías… This is her ‘Ranchera flamenca’; the album she presents us with, nominated last year for a Latin Grammy, as was the case with four of her previous works. 

As a child, she would go to the tablaos of Madrid with her tape recorder to study the cantes first hand. El Indio Gitano, for example, taught her martinete, toná and debla. At the same time, she studied classical piano at the conservatory. When she was old enough and felt ready, she began the solo career that has led her to open theatres all over the world.

She is a benchmark of current flamenco, as combining academies with experience has led her to a well of truth without certainties. She convinces all and sundry. As the figures show, a majority of people like her, as well as the specialised critics. Because she has the broken voice to sing about heartbreak and, as a consequence, has a following wherever she goes.