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María Juncal


Spanish Premiere


  • Direction and Choreography : María Juncal
  • Original Music : Basilio García
  • Musical Arrangements : Yago Santos and Diego Villegas
  • Bailaora : María Juncal
  • Guitars : Basilio García and Camarón de Pitita
  • Cante : Maria Mezcle and Juan Carlos Triviño
  • Clarinet : Diego Villegas
  • Violin : Israel Torrres Araiza
  • Percussion : Vicente Suero Vega
  • Percusión : Vicente Suero Vega

María Juncal

29 august 19:00h Baluarte - Stage \Flamenco on Fire\

"El encierro de Ana Frank"

María Juncal, born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is a bailaora – with solid training in ballet and Spanish classical dance – and the grand niece of the great teacher Trini Borrull. Her first dance steps took her first to Santa Cruz de Tenerife and then to Madrid, where she met and worked in legendary flamenco troupes such as Güito or Manolete.

Her surprising scenic maturity, the depth of her movements and the force she impresses on her dancing reminds us of some of the great dancers of this century, discovering at the same time unseen facets of expression. That is why she has acted in great theaters around the world, and why her career is filled with recognitions such as the Antonio Gades National Flamenco Dance Award, which she received in Cordoba in 2004; the top award in Flamenco Dancing and the “Desplante” award at the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas (2006); or, that same year, the award for Best Flamenco Soloist at the Teatro Albeniz Choreography Competition, for the performance that she brings now to Pamplona, “The Confinement of Anne Frank”.

The pages that Maria Juncal has turned to dance portray one of the most tragic and moving events humanity has faced, but they also tell the story of how we rarely lose our capacity to dream. Did Anne Frank, its protagonist, lose that capacity? This bailaora would like to think she didn’t, that dreams and our soul survive beyond any wall, cruelty or horror. And that is what she presents in her beautiful, dramatic spectacle to the spectators of Flamenco on Fire.