María José Llergo et Paco Soto

26 august | 12:00 h | Balcony of the city Council

María José Llergo et María José Llergo et Paco Soto

María José Llergo‘s flamenco is seasoned with all kinds of sounds, but it boasts roots: Arabic and deep, luminous and dark, always plagued by beautiful melismas that go back to the past to drink in order to project themselves into the present. Niña de las dunas’, her first track, totally ‘do it yourself’, together with the flamenco guitarist Marc López, surprised fans and onlookers, as did the album on which it is included: ‘Sanación’. A space of free expression that tries to move beyond labels. She does so, moreover, accompanied byPaco Soto on guitar, who has collaborated with artists of the stature of Jorge Pardo and Guadiana and toured all over the world at just over 30 years of age.