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Los Mellis y Carlos de Jacoba

Los Mellis and Carlos de Jacoba

26 august 12:00h - Balcony of the Hotel La Perla

Their names make any billboard greater; thanks to the criteria that they hide in each beat, to the sensitivity they stamp in every pause, the richness of their melodies and their musical dynamics and the shades of their voices.  They are Antonio and Manuel Montes Saavedra, ‘Los Mellis’, twins from Huelva who, since they started to perform sponsored by Arcángel, have become essential flamenco stars.

They sketch exquisite melodies and impossible harmonies binding them with the echo of their voices using a masterful concert pitch.  Moreover, they hold in their fingers the singing and the strings that accompany the clapping.  One of them (Manuel) from the land and the other (Antonio) drawing in the air.

The guitar player Carlos de Jacoba, was born within a gypsy family from the town of Motril (in the province of Granada).  His family instilled in him the love for flamenco since he was a kid.  At the same time, he fell in love with the ‘bajañí’ sound wandering the streets of his neighborhood, Huerta Carrasco.

Carlos is gifted with evident skills to play and with the sensitivity and intuition required to back a signer.  The elegance of his guitar and his personality do not go unnoticed.  He is in constant search of new sound horizons.  Tradition, knowledge and gypsy passion converge in his playing style with modernity, freshness and romanticism.