In Tudela

Londro y Jesús Guerrero

26 august | 12:00 h | Balcón de la Sede de Badenas Reales

Londro and Jesús Guerrero

Miguel Ángel Soto Peña, Londro (Jerez de la Frontera, 1976) started singing in festivals and flamenco clubs (“peñas”) when he was 12, and his first solo performance was at the Teatro Imperial de Sevilla, in 1992.  Two years later, the guitar player Gerardo Núñez added him to his show “Amor brujo” (Witched Love).  He moved to Madrid to finish his education at the Compañía del Nuevo Ballet Español, and sang for first figures of the dance like Joaquín Grilo, Antonio Canales, Belén Maya and Sara Baras.   His artistic career has continued to grow during the last years, and he has worked in troupes of new generation dancers such as Israel Galván, Andrés Marín or Isabel Bayón, among others and he has released “Luna de enero” (January’s Moon).

At Flamenco on Fire, Londro will offer a recital of raw singing, fruit of the maturity he has gained during his years of career, accompanied by the guitar of Jesús Guerrero (San Fernando, 1985). Guerrero started to play guitar when he was 11 side by side with maestro José Luís Balao. His technical skills with the instrument and his creative capacity have taken him to be considere done of the top figures of the current flamenco environment and stars like Niña Pastori, Miguel Poveda or Argentina, among others, frequently request his assistance.  He has a degree on Teaching, with a major on Musical Education by the University of Cadiz.  He got the Flamenco Hoy award to best accompanying guitar in 2014. This prize is awarded by the national flamenco specialized critics.