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Lole Montoya

Lole Montoya

23 august 23:30h Night’s Cycle - Hotel 3 Reyes


Lole Montoya has become one of the essential voices in the current flamenco show business.  Her sweet and charismatic voice is gifted with an extraordinary versatility and this has led her to become one of the artists that have contributed the most to transform the scene of the music from Andalusia.

After recording several albums with Manuel Molina as the legendary duo “Lole y Manuel”, she continued her solo career focusing her style in classic Arab flamenco.   This is an influence that Lole received from her maternal family, one dynasty closely related to Moorish rhythms and tunes.

Lole Montoya will perform her show “Recuerdos” (“Souvenirs”) at the Night Cycle of the Hotel Tres Reyes.  This is a tribute to Maestro  Manuel Molina in which she , accompanied by the distinctive guitar of  Juan Carmona “El Camborio”, goes over a deept and mystic way that goes from the greatest hits of the duo, such as “Nuevo día”, to great hymns that have highlighted their lives and artistic careers.