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La Tremendita

La Tremendita

24 august 23:30h Night’s Cycle - Hotel 3 Reyes

"Delirium Tremens"

Rosario Guerrero, “La Tremendita”, is flamenca by tradition, author by vocation and artist by love.  The “jondo” is in her dna.  Her curiosity is taken on.  She did research in the flamenco singing while she was studing musical theory and piano.  After six years of working together with prestigious dance companies and varied projects with great figures of flamenco, in 2008 she decided to capitalize on herself as artist and invest in herself as solo performer.  Currently she has already published three solo albums

“Delirium Tremens”, is an artistic speech that goes beyond any prejudice against the flamenco style.  It is an experimental work, but with very solid traditional roots.  It is also a trip to inner emotions.  Its frame could very well be a classic piece, but it is played with other tools that represent progress in its format, textures, ideas, composition, arrangements and poems.  It includes four movements: Caótica (chaos), Fuga (acceptance), Ahínco (learning) and Tedeum (approval).  Each one composed of several flamenco songs that correspond to specific moments of her life.  The performance encompasses deep, direct, touching beauty.