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La Tremendita

La Tremendita

24 august 13:30h - Balcony of the Hotel La Perla

Rosario ‘La Tremendita’ was born in Triana and she is flamenca by tradition, composer by vocation and artists by love.  The “jondo” is innate in her.  Her curiosity is acquired.  She is great-granddaughter of Enriqueta ‘La Pescaera’, grandniece of La Gandinga de Triana and daughter of José ‘El Tremendo’.  She caught the singing on the fly from them and started to share it as a child at parties and “peñas”. 

She deeply researched singing techniques while she studied musical theory and piano.  After six years working with renowned dance ensembles and several projects with great flamenco stars, in 2008 she decided to capitalize on herself as an artist and invest in herself as soloist.  Currently, she already has three solo albums in the market.

La Tremendita has a marked personality, a different way of singing that she delivers in abundance but without shrillness. Her voice whispers the most extreme emotions.  She is gifted by an integrating glance for musical creation and she does not think of phrases but on texts.  She threads notes and sews songs to create compositions that deliver a full speech.  She is talented enough to build the musical architecture of a big play.  La Tremendita, responds to the new profile of comprehensive and multi-disciplinary artists, a feature which, in her, is not affectation but nature.