Kiki Morente + Pepe Habichuela

29 august | 12:00 h | Balcony of the city Council

Kiki Morente and Pepe Habichuela

José Enrique Morente Carbonell, Kiki Morente (Granada,1989) is part of a family line that includes great guitar players and singers.  He is the son of Enrique Morente and the dancer Aurora Carbonell, and his siblings are Soleá and Estrella.  His father instilled in him the love for the guitar since he was a child and he even took higher education level classes at the Conservatory of young players of Granada.  Many times, he accompanies himself with this instrument when he signs.  His way of singing is very influenced by maestros like Manuel Vallejo, Pepe Marchena or Antonio Chacón, but it also incorporates contemporary influences from Pat Metheny, Leonard Cohen or Cheb Khaled, who worked with him in several of his father´s projects.  In his solo career he has worked with Juan Habichuela grandson or David Carmona, and has partnered with Vicente Amigo, Niño Josele or the movie director Carlos Saura.

For this event, he is accompanied by a flamenco guitar legend, José Antonio Carmona Carmona (Granada, 1944) who is considered a legend among flamenco accompanying guitar players.  He started playing guitar with   Vicente Escudero and maestro Sabicas, and when he was 20, he performed at the mythic tablao from Madrid Torres Bermejas.  Throughout his career he accompanied Juanito Valderrama, Camarón or Enrique Morente, with whom he formed a fundamental tandem for the history of flamenco.  His creative curiosity, his refined technique, love for flamenco singing and extreme sensitivity have taken him to work with great figures of jazz such as  Dave Holland or Don Cherry and Hindi music like Nithin Sawhney, Anoushka Shankar and The Bollywood Strings.

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