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21 august 21:00h - Baluarte

"No estamos locos tour"

If someone is entitled to a return, this is Ketama… because they never left.

The music in Spain would have a different script if this band had not busted into the arena back in the 80´s, changing the way to approach and get to know the flamenco. In times of changes and open-mindedness, when rock and pop were trying to catch up with the new times and making up for the lost time, Antonio, Juan and Josemi Carmona breathed life into tradition and opened it to the general public.

Ketama is part of a generation of musicians who do not have prejudices, who are knowledgeable of the tradition but who are not afraid of introducing new sounds and styles.  Ketama represents the success of the new flamenco.

Now, after 14 years, the band gets together again to showcase the ‘No estamos locos tour’. This is a very successful tour in which the band recovers its hits, reinterpreting them with the wisdom provided by years of experience but with the full essence and flavor of Ketama.