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Juan de Juan


Juan de Juan

22 august 23:30h Night’s Cycle - Hotel 3 Reyes


‘Armonía’ (Harmony) refers to the levelled proportions of the parts of a whole.  Harmony reminisce beauty.  This performance originates from the quest for sublimity and every movement is driven by delicacy and radiance of a flamenco dance by its right.  The signature of the soul of the artist is captured in the dance, which in turn seeks the grandeur of the body in every chord and every silence.

In every beat a new choreography and in the preludes, intersections and finales, homages and reasons that remind and honor the work of great flamenco composers that have passed on their legacy to the history of this art.  This show is a journey from the past to the present of music, which in this occasion is led by dance.