José Mercé

26 august | 21:30 h | Baluarte

José Mercé

"El Oripandó"

It is said that Bruce Springsteen, a self-confessed admirer of Mercé, has most of his discography. For sure, the man from Jerez is one of the most international artists in Spanish-language music. ‘Aire’, ‘La vida sale’, ‘Lío’ and ‘Mummy blue’ are four of his greatest hits. Also his version of ‘Al alba’, with which its author, Luis Eduardo Aute, joked that he wrote it thinking that he should sing it himself.

José Mercé owes his name to a church and trained in the tablaos of Madrid, where he arrived in the 1970s at the home of his uncle, the cantaor Manuel Soto Sordera, and his cousins: all artists, like his ancestors. Paco La Luz, for example, a great seguirillero of the 19th century, belongs to his dynasty. As a young man he toured with dance figures such as Antonio Gades around the globe, and as a solo artist he reached the top in the 1990s, becoming the highest-selling living cantaor.

Under the production of the singer Antonio Orozco, he has revised his life to transform it into accurate doses of lyrics and melody. Thus, ‘El oripandó’, which in Caló means ‘Of the dawn’, like that record that brought him to stardom in 1998 with the guitar of Vicente Amigo, is the closest thing to the sung biography of José Mercé. Childhood memories, irreparable losses, confessions, friends… All of this takes place between songs, boleros, ballads and electronic sounds that have counted in the studio with the complicity of Tomatito, Pablo López, La Mala Rodríguez and Dorantes, among other artists.