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José del Tomate y Kiki Cortiña

Kiki Cortiñas and José del Tomate

24 august 12:00h Flamenco en los Balcones - Balcón Calle La Mañueta

The personality of Kiki Cortiñas invades everything he gets involved in.  His performances keep the talent of a child who started singing when he was 9 and that launched his first album when he was 12.

Despite his age, he perfectly masters the orthodox singing styles and his sound interest to know other styles like jazz, funk, salsa and Brazilian music has taken him to perform at stages worldwide, working together with big names such as Juan, Josemi and Antonio Carmona, José Mercé, Alain Pérez, Jorge Pardo, Montse Cortés, Paco de Lucía, Dave Holland, Pepe Habichuela, Manuel Carrasco, Niña Pastori or Tomatito. 

The young guitarist José del Tomate, was born in Almería in the heart of a family of artists.   His father, Tomatito, and his great-grandfather Miguel Fernández Cortés ‘El Tomate’, have been his main inspiration, although he also acknowledges influence from Sabicas, Paco de Lucía and especially his uncle, ‘El Niño Miguel’.

Although he is just 19, he has already worked in the most renowned current flamenco festivals and has accompanied her father in his International tours.  This summer he is presenting his first album ‘Plaza Vieja’.