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José Ángel Carmona y Eduardo Trassierra


José Ángel Carmona and Eduardo Trassierra

24 august 13:30h - Balcony of the Hotel La Perla

José Ángel Carmona is a gifted and versatile singer from Seville that also masters guitar, mandola and electric bass guitar. Throughout his fruitful career, he has gathered prestigious prizes that he received because of the passion, great skills and sensitivity that he displays when his voice sways the songs.

The guitar player and song writer Eduardo Trassierra, has also received great awards.  When he was just 18, he got the Giraldillo del toque from the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla.  He considers himself an eclectic artist and his quest for a more universal flamenco style is filled with endless colorful lines.