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Jorge Pardo


Only Concert


  • Sax / Flute : Jorge Pardo
  • Bass : Javier Colina
  • Trumpet : Jerry González
  • Guitar : Rycardo Moreno
  • Piano : Caramelo
  • Harmonica : Antonio Serrano
  • Percussion : Piraña

Jorge Pardo

29 august 21:00h Baluarte - Stage \Sabicas\

"Cumbre Flamenca Latin Jazz"

Jorge Pardo (Madrid, 1956) is one of the worldwide references as far as jazz and flamenco are concerned, and proof of it is his receiving in 2013 the award of Best European Musician at the prestigious French Academy of Jazz.

This monumental composer, flutist and sax player began his studies at the age of fourteen at the Real Conservatorio de Madrid. After playing for years with geniuses such as Tete Montoliu or Lou Bennett, he sets up “Dolores”, a group of capital importance in the development of Spanish music during the second half of the 1970s. Several musicians from the Madrid scene take part in his recordings, but without a doubt the most fundamental is the appearance of the mythical Paco de Lucia, with whom he collaborated in various albums and tours – and in the now legendary Sextet – which led to one of the most fruitful and exciting periods for flamenco ever.

Around the same period he also worked with Camaron in “La Leyenda del Tiempo”, and at the Amor de Dios Flamenco Studios collaborated with the new generation of artists that was brewing in the city. Since that time, thanks to Jorge, the flute and the saxophone have become part of the flamenco world.

His rich, extensive discography is filled with fusion and experimentation that, in titles such as “Las cigarras son quizá sordas”, “Diez de Paco” or “Mira”, makes evident what Faustino Núñez once said: “There are musicians that are masters in their fields, but who are clumsy when they face different music. Others manage to mix languages with certain ease, but there are very few who are true alchemists, those who know the nature and properties of the metals they want to fuse, and who know how to obtain pure art from that alchemy”.

In Flamenco on Fire 2015, Jorge Pardo premieres a new spectacle, titled “Cumbre Flamenca Latin Jazz”.