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Israel Galvan


Israel Galván

25 august 21:00h - Baluarte


The plot is The Music. The music that has sounded throughout Israel Galvan’s shows but that is now relieved from story lines, scripts or theatre.  Just music.

This was the purpose, getting rid of any severity in one of the most dazzling findings of Israel Galván´s performances: the sound.  The idea sparked between Utrera and La Rinconada, between charity and mortgages, recycling audios with a select group of musicians to offer the audience short bursts of happiness.  We all know that Israel Galván is a machine and here he sounds with all his clarity.

Just music! All in all, this is one of the main features of flamenco dancing in general and Israel Galván´s specifically.  His body is his instrument, not just percussion but also winds, metals, strings.  Yes, the body speaks up.  When he twists before Elo Cantón´s violin, the musical notes become wood.   And, when he stands still in front of David Lagos or Tomás de Perrate, he is all flesh, redundant.  Caracafé is almost his twin brother, sometimes righthanded, sometimes lefthanded.  And purely flamenco when he stresses the percussions and metals of Proyecto Lorca.