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Israel Fernández y Joni Jiménez

Israel Fernández and Joni Jiménez

22 august 12:45h Flamenco en los Balcones - Balcony of the city Council

Israel Fernández, represents flamenco in its pure state, understanding purity as the highest expression of the soul, the prayer of the feelings. His wide knowledge, his fine tuning, his sense of the rhythm and beat, the sweetness of his voice and his natural sensitivity, make this singer from Toledo,  be holder of great expectations from the flamenco fans. 

Israel contains two worlds, the ancient one and the contemporary one.  This makes his singing a good representation of the natural evolution of flamenco. 

Joni Jiménez, the Young guitar player from Madrid, accompanies Israel.  He comes from a large saga of flamenco tradition artists.  He is grandnephew of Rafael Farina and cousin of Diego ‘El Cigala’.   When he was 5 he started playing guitar lead by his father and his grandfather, following the guidelines of the school of Cañoroto of Aquilino Jiménez ‘El Entri’. 

Despite his young age, he is very mature and talented thanks to his constant effort and practice.  Joni is a usual troupe member in many prestigious flamenco shows.