Israel Fernández

28 august | 21:30 h | Baluarte

Israel Fernández et Diego del Morao

"Ópera Flamenca"

His voice, so full of nuances, has conquered the ears of several generations. With one foot in tradition and the other in modernity, the man from Toledo, after his success with the guitarist Diego del Morao in the album ‘Amor’, performs music from the “Ópera Flamenca”. Those concerts in the 1930s were the ones that filled the bullrings with flamenco singing. Flamenco became a mass spectacle, the artists wore dinner jackets and echoes such as those of La Niña de Los Peines, Manuel Vallejo, Pepe Marchena and El Carbonerillo, which he now covers in concert, redefined a musical genre in continuous evolution.

Israel Fernández (Corral de Almaguer, 1989), a gypsy artist of Andalusian descent, has released several albums, such as ‘Universo Pastora’, where he began to develop his style. Like Billie Eilish, Maluma and Kidd Keo, he has also recorded a video in the Colors studio, but singing flamenco to the beat dictated by his knuckles. His personal and carefully crafted staging has helped him to consolidate his position as one of the latest great revelations. Latin Grammy nominations, an Odeon Award… His career, more than established, promises a successful future.

Diego del Morao (Jerez de la Frontera, 1979), one of the most renowned flamenco guitarists of the moment, both nationally and internationally, has been able to maintain the family school and create his own music, possibly making his playing one of the most recognisable among today’s guitarists. Son of Moraíto Chico and, therefore, part of one of the most important guitar dynasties in the recent history of flamenco, he has accompanied artists such as Diego El Cigala, Niña Pastori, José Mercé, Marina Heredia, Duquende and Paco de Lucía himself.