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Guadiana y Carlos de Jacoba


Guadiana and Carlos de Jacoba

25 august 13:30h - Balcony of the Hotel La Perla

Antonio Suárez Salazar, born in Badajoz and known as “Guadiana”, belongs to the family of singers from Extremadura known as “Los Porrina”. He is brother of Ramón el Portugués, nephew of Porrina de Badajoz, cousin of La Negra and Juan Salazar.

During his fruitful career, he has shared the stage with many great artists, like Manuel Soto ‘Sordera’, Manzanita, Pepe Habichuela, Sara Baras, Antonio Canales, Tomatito or Enrique Morente. 

He has brought to the singing art dozens of variations that make him be unique.   Hi is an inspired composer, bearer of an excellent flamenco background, ancient timbre and overwhelming gypsy style, together with the tweak and determination he is heir to.

Guadiana has a valuable way to understand the traditional singing.  The songs spring up from his voice with renewed tweaks.  During the last decades he has become, on his own merits, in an undisputable reference figure of this art, not just preserving and spreading the legacy of those before him, but also developing a very personal and inimitable accent.

The guitar player Carlos de Jacoba, was born within a gypsy family from the town of Motril (in the province of Granada).  His family instilled in him the love for flamenco since he was a kid.  At the same time, he fell in love with the ‘bajañí’ sound wandering the streets of his neighborhood, Huerta Carrasco.

Carlos is gifted with evident skills to play and with the sensitivity and intuition required to back a signer.  The elegance of his guitar and his personality do not go unnoticed.  He is in constant search of new sound horizons.  Tradition, knowledge and gypsy passion converge in his playing style with modernity, freshness and romanticism.