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Guadiana with Los Mellis

25 august 23:30h Night’s Cycle - Hotel 3 Reyes

"Horseshoes must be made of Silver"

Antonio Suárez Salazar, born in Badajoz and known as “Guadiana”, belongs to the family of singers from Extremadura known as “Los Porrina”. Like father, like son, he is brother of Ramón el Portugués, nephew of Porrina de Badajoz, cousin of La Negra and Juan Salazar and he has brought to the singing art dozens of variations that make him be unique.

De plata las herraduras” (“Horseshoes must be made of Silver”) is the work of an inspired author, whose presence occupies the whole show.  He is gifted by an ancient voice full of gypsy spirit, pinch and dedication typical from his family.  He presents a tour through the flamenco styles that honors the roots of his homeland in Extremadura and recalls the essence of Porrina de Badajoz.

His very personal tangos and jaleos, barge their way through traditional styles and native songs from Extremadura.  This represents a trip to deep roots accompanied by the prodigious voices of “los Mellis”.  As special guest for this occasion, we will count on “La Kaíta”, a great, strong, wild singer, true representative of the singing from Extremadura.