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Gema Moneo

Gema Moneo

21 august 23:30h Night’s Cycle - Hotel 3 Reyes

"From the South, for the North"

To talk about the Moneos is to talk about pure breed, about the essence of “la Plazuela”, about the art from Jerez, from the land of “compas” par excellence and about one of the families that has provided flamenco with one its pillars.

Gema Moneo is the youngest representative of her dynasty, touched by a magic wand that helps her fight for her family’s kind of expertise. She keeps it alive thanks to her dance and her talent.  Pupil of Manuela Carpio, Eva Yerbabuena, Farruquito, Juan de Juan, Mauel Liñán among others, when she was 13 she was already working at the most prestigious “peñas” and “tablaos” in Andalucia.  For many years she was part of the dance company of Farruquito and Joaquín Cortés.  Nowadays, despite her youth, she is considered one of the best young promises of the flamenco dance.

At Flamenco On Fire, Gema launches a show that allows her to unfold all her grace, her expressiveness and the strength that distinguishes her. This will be a traditional flamenco soiree full of race, energy and purity, in which Gema will be surrounded by the best artists of her hometown, to take the flamenco closer “From the South and for the North”.