28 august | 18:00 h | Ciudadela SXXI Stage

Frank Maza

The path that goes from electronics to Camarón, or from pop to Morente, is a route that singer-songwriter Frank Maza is determined to explore. Owner of a project that does not set stylistic limits, flamenco is the common root for his compositions that adopt diverse, transgressive, and avant-garde forms. A proposal that takes tradition to a new dimension, and that relies on both electronic instruments and the know-how of a band that includes Israel Suárez “Piraña” and Juan Carmona, on percussion, Yeray Cortés´s guitar, and the voices of Alana Sïnkey, Rut, Elsy Gomes and Myriam Latrece.

Double concert tickets: Niño de Elche and Frank Maza