Francisco Suárez

28 august | 12:30 h | Ezpeleta palace

Francisco Suárez

"El Torombo", "El baile"

Dancer, palmero and teacher who, from the Polígono Sur in Seville, educates young people in the art of flamenco, compás and dance in a school that he himself directs. With a brave and refined style, along the lines imposed by Farruco decades ago, he has performed in such important venues as the Bienal de Flamenco, where he filled the Teatro de la Maestranza together with Andrés Marín and Rafael Campallo. He, in that production, represented the past. With the Farruco family, Argentina and other artists, he has toured the world. His way of explaining art, likewise, has gone viral on the networks for its singularity, grace and depth. He showed it on the television programme Got Talent with the project Fuera de Serie.

What he is proposing for the ninth edition of Flamenco On Fire, a festival in which he has already participated, is a workshop aimed at the youngest children, so that they can learn about the secrets of dance from the hand of an excellent teacher.