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Eva Yerbabuena


Eva Yerbabuena, with José Valencia, Miguel Ortega and Segundo Falcón

25 august 21:00h - Baluarte

"Flesh and Bone"

Mentioning Eva Yerbabuena, is talking about one of the picks of the flamenco dancing in the last decade.

With an absolute control of the stage technique and theatrical language, her dance has broadened the choreographic chances and expressions of the genre, and she has created a very personal style. She is ahead of her time and an excellent dancer, with the kind of artistic sensitivity that materializes just once in one generation.  She is a woman touched by nobility.

In her show, she gets rid of all but commotion; she gets her soul undressed so that the protagonist is just the flamenco, honest and solid.  Five dancers, singers, percussion, guitar and voice accompany her in this job of showing her vulnerability that represents a generous trip towards intimacy with the audience.