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Estrella Morente

Bernardo Doral by Elle

Estrella Morente

22 august 21:00h - Baluarte

"In Concert"

The eldest daughter of the unforgettable Maestro Enrique Morente, has a solid knowledge of her art and a refined, innate good taste.  She has become a reference point both for flamenco fans and for music fans in general and is able to mix vintage influences from her homeland, Granada, with the trends of the new millennium.

Gifted by a crystal clear voice, Estrella moves freely between warm sounds, emotional phrases and heartbreaking echoes.  To look at her, to listen to her and to feel her is the only way to truly experiment her art.  Her voice vibrates half-way through the ethereal and the earthly as a presence that mutates between reality and the afterlife.

For this event, Estrella offers us the best of her art which ranges from the subtle simplicity of the merrymaker songs of her childhood, to the depth of the missed love.  The full range of feelings, the wide variety of sensations and colors, all the life experiences of a woman of her time plus the life lessons of the women in the past are gathered in an extremely talented voice.