27 august | 12:00 h | Balcony of the city Council

Dolores "La Agujetas" and Domingo Rubichi

Daughter of Manuel de los Santos Pastor (Manuel “Agujetas”) and granddaughter of “Agujetas el Viejo”, to Dolores de los Santos Bermúdez (Jerez de la Frontera, 1960) the cante comes from the cradle. After debuting in 1991 accompanied on guitar by Parrilla de Jerez, her career has passed between performances around the world, record works such as Mujerez (along with Juana del Pipa, La Macanita and Moraito Chico) and the recognition of the public and the media, who see in her one of the greatest representatives of Jerez flamenco singing. In Flamenco on Fire she is accompanied on guitar by Domingo de los Santos “Rubichi”, born in 1971 also in Jerez de la Frontera and belonging to one of the most important flamenco families in Jerez: Los Rubichi. Disciple of Rafael del Águila, Manuel Parrilla, Niño Jero or Manuel Morao and his son “Moraíto Chico”, his simple and pure touch, accompanied by a marked sense of rhythm, accompanies the purest Jerez style.

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