Diego del Morao e Israel Suárez 'Piraña'

29 august | 20:00 h | Palacio Ezpeleta

Diego del Morao and Israel Suárez 'Piraña'

One of the most recognized flamenco guitarists of the moment, both nationally and internationally, Diego del Morao (Jerez de la Frontera, 1979) has been able to maintain the family tradition and create his own music based on it.  Possibly his way of playing is one of the most recognizable among current guitarists. Son of Moraíto Chico and, therefore, part of one of the most important guitarist sagas in the recent history of flamenco, he has accompanied artists such as Diego El Cigala, Niña Pastori, José Mercé, Marina Heredia, Duquende or Paco de Lucia. “Piraña” accompanies him in Flamenco on Fire 2021, one of the World’s greatest cajoneros, who accompanied Paco de Lucía and who is an author with a unique touch.

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