Derby Motoretas Burrito Cachimba

28 august | 20:30 h | Zentral Stage

Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba

"Hilo negro Tour"

From Seville, this band concentrates time, sound and aesthetics. Their rock and roll comes under a canopy, hard and uncut, looking towards the 70s and the future. To one side and to the other, in all directions, in fact, so that the cry sounds earthy without renouncing any of the international references that have moved them since they were children. Neither Paco nor Juan, their names are Dandy Piranha (vocals), Bacca (guitar), Gringo (guitar), Soni (bass), Papi Pachuli (drums) and Machete Carrasco (synthesizer and keyboards).

They have created, they say, the ‘kinkidelia’, that which they showed when they participated in the programmes La Resistencia and Late Motiv, on Movistar. They have recorded with Kiko Veneno and Rocío Márquez, as well as Ara Malikian. Three albums and a good number of psychedelic and stellar songs endorse them: ‘Las leyes de la frontera’, ‘El valle’, ‘Gitana’, ‘Aliento de dragón’ are some of them. The rest, for Navarra: In the Zentral hall they present “Hilo negro”, their latest and successful album, which confirms the personality of this band live.