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David Lagos y Caracafé


David Lagos and Caracafé

25 august 13:30h - Balcony of the Hotel La Perla

When the singer from Jerez David Lagos won the Lámpara Minera Price, he had been professionally singing for over 20 years.  His voice, accomplice and inspirational, has accompanied the most advanced flamenco creations and his versatile way of singing has been heard in Basque language at the Guggenheim museum between the sculptures of Richard Serra.  David is also a creator who, with steady steps, opens new paths for the flamenco singing art.

Emilio Caracafé was part of the mythic bands Pata Negra and Gritos de Guerra, and he was tempered as guitar player in the streets of Las Tres Mil Viviendas. He has played for renowned names of flamenco apart from developing a fantastic social task as professor at the Fundación Alalá.