Chano Domínguez y la Orquesta Sinfónica de Navarra.

30 august | 21:30 h | Baluarte

Chano Domínguez y la Navarra Symphonic Orchestra
Conductor: Óliver Díaz

"From Cai to New Orleans"

Chano Dominguez (Cadiz, 1960) is recognized as one of the most important musicians of the latest decades.  His career is the perfect example of cultural blend and sound research.  He was raised among genres and his piano is able to get together bulerias, fandangos and soleás with jazz´s grace.  Playing with Chano Dominguez Trio or solo, his style and skills have taken him to work with Enrique Morente, Tomatito, Javier Colina, Martirio, Paco de Luicia or Herbie Hancock, among many others.

At this edition of Flamenco on Fire, Chano Dominguez, will join the Navarra Symphonic Orchestra to perform the show “De Cai a New Orleans” (From Cai to New Orleans) a piece that the piano player prepared at the request of the saxophone player Wynton Marsalis and that was released in New York in 2003.  The piece is a three movements suite that finds the ways to take you from flamenco tradition to blues and jazz and it will be followed by two more pieces “Jacaranda” (Rosewood), a recreation of the fast rhythm of the seguriyas and “Mi prima de riesgo” (My risk premium), a fantasy in between blues and bulerias.