Carmen Linares

24 august | 21:30 h | Gaztambide Theatre

Carmen Linares et Pepe Habichuela

"40 años de flamenco"

The flamboyant Princess of Asturias Award winner has been on stage for more than four decades. And that is what she is celebrating in her latest project: ’40 años de Flamenco’, a window to look back and contemplate what she has done so far.

For this, she will have the special collaboration of Pepe Habichuela, a living legend of guitar who represents a past that has not left us. He participated in some of Enrique Morente’s historic recordings, was one of the driving forces behind the group Ketama and has a solo career that has earned him the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts.  It is worth mentioning that since the 1970s he has accompanied Linares at some of the zeniths of his career, both live and in the studio.

Carmen Linares, for her part, is the leading female voice of the second half of the 20th century. The echo that was forged in Linares, learnt in the tablaos of Madrid and later triumphed in the most important theatres on the planet: Carnegie Hall in New York, Sydney Opera House, Sadler’s Wells in London…

The album ‘Antología de la mujer en el cante’, featuring Pepe Habichuela among other guitarists, opened up new frontiers and consolidated itself as a major reference within the genre. Carmen Linares (1953) adapted poems by Lorca and Miguel Hernández, Borges, Juan Ramón Jiménez and countless other authors who, together with popular poetry, nourished her discography with literature. ‘Cantaora’, ‘Un ramito de locura’, ‘Raíces y alas’, ‘Locura de brisa y trino’ (this one with Manolo Sanlúcar), ‘Canciones populares antiguas’ and ‘Verso a verso’ are good examples of this. The specialised critics baptised her years ago as the lady of flamenco, a title that comes along with the National Music Prize and the Compás del Cante, among others.